Seniors –

Tips for Great Senior Portraits

What to wear- Usually it is best to arrive in the outfit you plan to wear for your yearbook shot (head and shoulders). This will help to get things started smoothly.

Choose clothes and accessories that reflect who you are. Make sure clothes are on hangars and wrinkle free.

Put outfits together and don’t forget socks, shoes, belts, jewelry, etc. to complete those outfits.

Remember- you may want to shy away from busy patterns as they tend to take the “spot-light” off of you. Solid colors tend to photograph best.

Don’t forget to bring your stuff that defines “Who You Are”. Are you involved in sports? Bring your uniform and equipment. Are you in the band? Bring your instrument(s). Want your vehicle in some shots? Bring it! Pet? No problem! Make sure it is housebroken and bring someone with you to help. If you are not sure of something please feel free to call me and ask.

If you like to listen to music please bring it. Try and keep it PG-13.

Hair- If you are going with a new hair style allow at least a week before your session so it can grow out a little and you can get use to the new look.

Guys- Remember to get a close shave.

Make sure fingernails and toenails are nicely trimmed and painted just in case you would like to have some photos taken in bare feet.

 If you wear glasses- check with you optometrist and see if he/she will lend you a similar pair of frames without lenses to avoid glass glare. **** Note glass glare can also be removed for a fee.****

The night before your session- Make sure you have everything you need together and get a good nights rest.

Most of all be ready to have fun!!!!

Tips For Family Portraits


Families should wear solid like colors so that they complement each other.

Casual or Formal Portraits can be done in the Studio, Portrait Park or at a location of your choice. If travel is required - fees may apply.

Retouching is included on all Final Prints.

Glasses - If you wear glasses - check with your optometrist and see if he will lend you a similar pair of frames without lenses to avoid glass glare. Note - glass glare can be removed for a fee.